Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A new year and new beginnings

Well its been about a year since I last update this thing..Zachary has grown so much and so much has changed in our lives.
Back in January Jason lost his job. This was the beginning of a domino effect of things that happened in our lives. It was hard...more so for him than for me as while I went to work every day, he sat at home. Bored, stressed and lonely. The baby was no longer going to daycare and I could see my happy loving husband disappear inside himself. As the months rolled by, he changed so much...was so unhappy I couldn't stand it anymore. We would argue about anything and everything. Needless to say we were both depressed.11 miserable months, several interviews and lost nights sleep, that call came. You're hired. Of course not in those words but I was so happy. Finally, financially we will be OK, can finally sell the condo and get a real house with space we need! Its almost like living in a shoe box. We are on top of each other. A house will be a welcome upgrade! We hope by summer time we can start looking.

Zachary is back in daycare and loves it. He loves being with the other children and I think it will help him developmentally. That little boy is the best thing that happened to me and Jason. As much as it is hard to be a parent, it is such a joy to watch him grow and learn. As he learns to do or say something new, we have the largest of grins on our faces. 101 pictures to go along with the moment as well. My brother said to me when Zach was first born we wont remember life without him. While there are moments, and these are infrequent, that I do sometimes miss our life before, I would not give up being a parent for anything. Nothing. The little snuggles and kisses are the best!

Jason now works with Coca-cola. I think of it as like brewing beer from what he has said about it. He seems to like it a lot so far. I hope it works out for him. My happy loving husband came back and kicked that grouchy man to the curb. The hours suck. I do not like him working 2nd shift however at this point it doesn't matter. Money and sanity is more important!

I have been on a new diet program at a local gym I joined for the last 4 weeks. This is MY change. Ive had enough of wasting time doing weight watchers for nothing. Finally I am dropping the weight Ive been dying to lose for the last year. I hope by Zach's 2nd birthday I will be down to pre-zach weight YAY! My trainer is awesome, the classes are awesome. It was a good change to switch I think.

Its almost Christmas! we will be getting our tree soon (hopefully this coming weekend). I am looking forward to going to the tree farm with Zachs to pick our tree. My dad always brought us to get our tree every year and I remember how fun it was to go pick the tree and decorate it. I want to do the same with Zachary. I want to live Christmas and all the other holidays through him. I'm so excited!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Zachary's First Christmas

Zachary had a great first Christmas and got tons of toys and gifts from santa.
He seemed to enjoy the paper and ribbons more than anything however :)

christmas tree

Zachary's first christmas tree:

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

more halloween costume pics-doesnt he look so thrilled!

First halloween!

Well we survived our first Halloween! Yes it was actually quite exciting. Daddy was ready to snap a quick photo at any time while out an about with family. Zachary was interested simply in looking around at everything while mom and dad were so excited to see him in his CUTE little pumpkin outfit

The girls had fun running from door to door for candy. I am so glad we didn't have to take home ANY candy LOL. no thank you! All in all it was a great night and I was very happy everyone was there to enjoy it too.

Monday, October 20, 2008

first tooth-rolling over

well baby boy is growing fast now! we have our first tooth! YAY!! it is one of the two front bottom teeth. it is not quite all the way out but its getting there!

He also learned today to roll all the way over! what a proud mommy I am. Watch out kitties you are no longer safe!!

I cant believe he is almost 6 months old already...where has the time gone!?

Wednesday, October 15, 2008